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Coastal Recovery CommUNITY, situated in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, offers a comprehensive treatment center close to various amenities, a gym, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Our fully-equipped facility features two private bedrooms, each boasting a spacious view window and an individual bathroom. Additionally, we provide a well-appointed kitchen for meal preparation, a dining room, a communal area with a television, an educational space, and private counseling rooms.

Dedicated to fostering a safe and welcoming environment, we prioritize our clients' recovery journey. Our team of mental health professionals and support staff is committed to assisting you on your path to recovery. Come join us and embark on your recovery experience!


Coastal Recovery CommUNITY became a certified B Corporation November 11, 2021. This was after much consideration as this is a demanding process that requires transparency and high standards for practices towards clients, employees, the environment and the community. This designation is rapidly gaining recognition in North America in response to the need for more flexibility in terms of financing, operations and enabling businesses to drive positive social change.


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As a private company, our priority is the well-being of our clients over profits. We believe it is inappropriate to profit from the suffering of those we serve. To further demonstrate our commitment to providing appropriate care, we established a partnership between PIVOT: Empowering Recovery Society and Coastal Recovery Community BCorp. This collaboration provides programming, training and support and ensures we remain ‘grassroots’. In addition, this partnership allows us to quickly respond to our clients’ evolving needs.


Leadership is maintained by individuals with lived experience who have overcome addiction, ensuring a connection to the community and a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced.  PIVOT provides resources, such as training and support to the CRC’s recovery centre. The balance between non profit and benefit corporation provides a mutually beneficial solution, ensuring that essential services such as housing, training and practical support, including nutrition, exercise, education and spirituality, are readily available to our clients, contributing to their ability to choose a lifestyle free of addiction. 

Coastal Recovery CommUNITY stands as a pioneering Treatment Centre, reshaping the landscape of rehabilitation. Our innovative programs integrate elements such as nutrition, exercise, outdoor activities, and evidence-based approaches, aiming to empower clients to build confidence, discover fulfillment, and cultivate healthy relationships with themselves and their loved ones. Explore our recent projects to witness the unique approach we bring to the world of treatment!

Choose from our flexible 30, 60, and 90-day programs offered at the treatment center. Additionally, we provide ongoing outpatient support and coaching for a comprehensive and sustained recovery journey.



Introducing TJ Sheehan, the proud founder of Coastal Recovery CommUNITY. With a career devoted to aiding others, he seamlessly merges his proficiency in fitness, business, and recovery to establish a secure and inviting space for individuals seeking positive lifestyle transformations. Armed with extensive experience in the fitness and mental health sectors, along with certifications as a National Certified Recovery Coach Level I and II, Recovery Coach CACCF, and Speaker for Kids Play Foundation, TJ Sheehan brings a wealth of lived expertise to the role.

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